New : Online Lessons for groups and Clubs !

Hi everyone !

With the global situation of containment, many clubs have decided to play online instead of their weekly meetings.
KGS has never been so active for the last 10 years, and we can see the server rising from the ashes.

Some people asked me if I could so something about it, so here it is :)

Here are the activites I offer for groups and clubs !


Small tournament and game reviews.

On the time of your go meeting, you will play a tournament with decent time (example : 30min + byo 20s/3).
After the game, I will review all the games, everyone can attend.

Can be done by writing (chat) or with KGS audio, or Discord for more interaction.
If you want to play more rounds, the tournament can be split on a few weeks.
Price : Depends on the number of participants and weeks, ask me !

Simultaneous games !

Come and fight me ! 5 players max
If games don’t take too long, I’ll make a fast review of the importants points of the games.

Price : 50 euros

Theory Lessons (interactive), some examples :

The Modern Fuseki, or how to simplify the game of Go

Improve in Chuban !
(exercices based on different situations, and group will be asked to search for the answers)

What is optimal play ?
Situation, and Theory

Professional Game Commentary
Updated according to market arrivals ;)

According to your mood!
You want something else ? Just ask !

Big lecture for groups, interactive. Everyone can participate !
Price : 65 euros

Many other activities can be considered, just ask and we can talk about it.

For every demands please contact me by mail :
Need an invoice ? No problem !

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