I’ve been giving go lessons on KGS Go Server since 2012. All levels are accepted !

If you are beginner at go and wish to learn, it is better to get familiar with the rules before taking lessons.

Find out about the rules here!

Regular Lesson

A regular lesson consists of a teaching game and its commentary.

It lasts about 1h-1h15, usually split like so: 30-40 minutes for the teaching game and 30 minutes for the commentary.

The first lesson will always start with an evaluation game so that I can assess your strengths and weaknesses. It allows me to better analyze your needs and the points to work on.

If you wish to work on specific themes, it’s entirely possible after this first evaluation game.

Game Commentary

Two types of game commentary are possible.

  • interactive commentary on the KGS server: this format allows you to ask specific questions at any point for a total duration of about 30 minutes.
  • offline commentary: you send me the SGF file of your game at tanguylecalve@gmail.com and I will send back the detailed commentary asap. It is recommended to annotate the SGF files with your own questions to get the most out of the review.

If you wish to take a lesson or if you need additional information, send me an email at tanguylecalve@gmail.com or a message on KGS, my username is “Welvang”. Lessons can be written or audio, as you wish.

For prices, see here!